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Invest in this stock market company in 2023, you will definitely get big profits

Invest in this stock market company in 2023, you will definitely get big profits
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If you come to know about a company in which qualified institutional investors are investing big money and the discussion of that company is not even going on in the market, then it can be a big news for you because such stocks will attract investors in future. The news of such stocks never reaches the retail investor which makes them millionaires.

But our aim remains that the news of good stocks should reach normal investors and they can also earn money, that’s why we try our best to provide good stocks to you through this website, if the information given to you satisfies you, then you can Do not forget to share with your friends and to get similar information, you can join our WhatsApp group given below, where we give you all kinds of updates.

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. (MMFSL) is a non-banking financial company that primarily finances the purchase of new and pre-owned vehicles, including automobiles, tractors, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and also provides SME financing. As a part of the Mahindra Group, MMFSL is a key beneficiary of rising rural cash flows, with a strong presence in the rural and semi-urban regions of India.

With a market capitalization of ₹ 26,954 Cr. and a current price of ₹ 218, MMFSL enjoys a leadership position in the automobile finance business, with a diversified product portfolio and a customized business model. Around 75% of the vehicles financed by the company are commercial vehicles used for generating income, while the remaining 25% are for consumption.

MMFSL has a book value of ₹ 139 and a dividend yield of 1.65%. Its return on capital employed (ROCE) is 7.44%, while the return on equity (ROE) is 6.86%. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 4.27, which is high, but understandable given the nature of its business.

In the last three years, MMFSL has had a sales growth of 3.07%, which is not very impressive but understandable given the challenging economic environment. However, the company has managed to maintain a profit after tax of ₹ 2,056 Cr.

The promoter holding in MMFSL stands at 52.2%, indicating a strong commitment from the management to the company’s growth and success. The stock has a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 13.1, which is reasonable.

It is a request to all of you, if you invest in the stock market, then it should be kept in mind that if you do not understand the business of a company and you do not understand the business of a company, then on the plan to invest in the business which you understand. If you invest, you may also face loss and you want to understand the business of the company, then in the coming time, we are going to bring the business model of all the companies on our website, so stay connected with our website and our WhatsApp You can also join the group

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