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Top 3 Stocks Under 100₹ Good For Short Term Profit

Top 3 Stocks Under 100₹ Good For Short Term Profit
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In this article, we delve into the exceptional performances of Texel Industries Ltd, Oil Country Tubular Ltd, and Trescon Limited. We explore their manufacturing prowess, commitment to delivering quality products and services, and the reasons behind their market success. Join us as we uncover the achievements and growth potential of these companies, showcasing their strong market presence and the confidence investors have in their respective industries.

Texel Industries Ltd: Delivering Quality Tarpaulins and Geomembranes

Texel Industries Ltd, a prominent manufacturer specializing in tarpaulins and geomembranes, witnessed an exceptional trading session today. With a surge in demand for their products, the company experienced a remarkable 20 percent increase in share prices, reaching Rs 43.20 per share. The BSE reported a staggering volume increase of over 6.57 times for Texel Industries Ltd. This remarkable success can be attributed to the company’s commitment to producing high-quality goods and establishing a robust presence in the market.

Oil Country Tubular Ltd: Manufacturing Casing, Tubing, and Drill Pipe

Oil Country Tubular Ltd: Leading the Way in Casing, Tubing, and Drill Pipe Manufacturing

Oil Country Tubular Ltd actively engages in the production of essential components used in oil and gas drilling and exploration, such as casing, tubing, and drill pipe. The company’s shares soared by an impressive 20 percent during today’s trading session, settling at Rs 23.01 per share. Moreover, the trading volume for Oil Country Tubular Ltd witnessed a remarkable increase of more than 6.46 times on the BSE. This surge in demand signifies the market’s unwavering confidence in the company’s exceptional product offerings and its immense growth potential.

Trescon Limited: Construction and Real Estate Services

Trescon Limited: Your Trusted Partner in Construction and Real Estate Services

Trescon Limited specializes in providing construction, real estate, and allied services. The company operates both independently and through collaborative joint ventures with other entities. Today’s trading session marked a significant milestone for Trescon Limited as its stock soared to a 10 percent upper circuit, reaching Rs 12.65 per share. Notably, the company experienced a substantial surge in trading volume, surpassing 4.94 times on the BSE. Trescon Limited’s exceptional expertise in the construction and real estate sector has captivated investors’ attention, leading to its resounding success.


In conclusion, today’s stock market witnessed a mixed trading session, ultimately concluding with promising performances. Texel Industries Ltd, renowned for its impeccable manufacturing of tarpaulins and geomembranes, observed a substantial surge in share prices and trading volume. Similarly, Oil Country Tubular Ltd, a leading manufacturer of casing, tubing, and drill pipe, experienced an impressive increase in share prices and trading activity. Additionally, Trescon Limited, specializing in construction and real estate services, witnessed a surge in stock prices and trading volume. The achievements of these companies exemplify their strong market presence and the unwavering confidence investors have in their respective industries.

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