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Best Penny Stock Below Rs 15 Buy in 2023, Know Details

In the ever-evolving world of stock market investments, penny stocks have become an intriguing option for investors seeking potential high returns. These low-priced stocks have gained popularity due to their affordability and the possibility of significant price appreciation. One such penny stock that has caught the attention of investors is IND Renewable Ltd. In this article, we will delve into the recent developments surrounding IND Renewable Ltd and the announcement of a potential rights issue by its board of directors.

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IND Renewable Ltd Overview

IND Renewable Ltd is a company that focuses on investments in both conventional and non-conventional power projects. Additionally, the company is involved in the generation of solar power, including rooftop solar installations. IND Renewable Ltd also engages in investing in various financial instruments such as shares, stocks, bonds, debentures, and other securities. The company primarily operates in India and serves customers within the country.

On Friday, the shares of IND Renewable Ltd experienced a significant surge in value. The stock price increased by 4.69 percent, reaching Rs 13.40 per share, compared to the previous closing price of Rs 12.80. This upward movement positioned IND Renewable Ltd as one of the gainers on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The positive trend continued throughout the day, resulting in the stock closing at Rs 13.25 per share, reflecting a 3.52 percent increase.

Board Meeting for Rights Issue

The Board of Directors of IND Renewable Ltd has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2023. The primary agenda of the meeting is to discuss and seek the approval of the shareholders regarding the raising of funds through the issuance of shares on a rights basis. The board may also consider alternative options such as the issue of equity shares on a preferential basis or through any other suitable mode.

IND Renewable Ltd’s core focus lies in power projects, encompassing both conventional and non-conventional methods. Their involvement in solar power generation, including rooftop installations, positions them as a key player in the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Alongside their primary business, the company actively invests in various financial instruments to diversify its portfolio.

According to the latest financials, IND Renewable Ltd has a market capitalization of Rs 4.01 crore. The company’s exceptional financial management is evident from its near-zero debt. The current outstanding debt amounts to just 0.18 crore, representing a mere 4.50 percent of the company’s market capitalization.

IND Renewable Ltd has witnessed a remarkable 32 percent increase in its stock price within a span of just one month. This substantial growth has garnered attention from investors who are now closely monitoring the stock’s performance. The surge in price, coupled with the upcoming board meeting to discuss a potential rights issue, has amplified investor interest.


In summary, IND Renewable Ltd has recently experienced a surge in its stock price, capturing the interest of investors in the market. The company’s board of directors has scheduled a meeting to discuss the possibility of a rights issue, aiming to raise funds for future endeavors. With a strong focus on power projects and a well-managed financial portfolio, IND Renewable Ltd presents an attractive opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the renewable energy sector. As the stock continues to perform well and generate buzz, investors are advised to keep a close eye on IND Renewable Ltd for potential investment opportunities.

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