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Here are some penny stocks below Rs 10 that have delivered over 300% returns in just 6 months

Hello, friends! How are you all doing? Through this article, we will introduce you to Here are some penny stocks below Rs 10 that have delivered over 300% returns in just 6 months. But before that, let us inform you that if you are visiting our website for the first time and want to stay updated with the latest stock market news, it’s a golden opportunity for you to join our WhatsApp community. By clicking on this button, you can join our WhatsApp community, where we consistently share updates related to the stock market.

Company NameLTP (Rs)6 Months Returns (%)
Avance Technologies Ltd0.75284.62
Jai Mata Glass Ltd1.91274.51
Chandrima Mercantiles Ltd9.24131
Milestone Furniture Ltd7.18129.39
Minolta Finance Ltd8.82115.12

1. Avance Technologies Ltd

Current Price₹ 0.75
Open₹ 0.75
High₹ 0.75
Prev Close₹ 0.72
Turnover₹ 83,214.75
Market Cap₹ 29.73 Cr.
P/E Ratio0.29
52 High₹ 0.75
52 Low₹ 0.34
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹ 9.37
Face Value₹ 5

2. Jai Mata Glass Ltd

Current Price₹ 1.91
Open₹ 2.10
High₹ 2.10
Prev Close₹ 2.01
Turnover₹ 716,467.74
Market Cap₹ 19.10 Cr.
P/E Ratio0.00
52 High₹ 4.65
52 Low₹ 0.36
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹ 0.27
Face Value₹ 1

3. Chandrima Mercantiles Ltd

Current Price₹ 1.74
Open₹ 1.77
High₹ 1.77
Prev Close₹ 1.76
Turnover₹ 216,772.68
Market Cap₹ 57.67 Cr.
P/E Ratio0.00
52 High₹ 5.79
52 Low₹ 1.19
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹ 1.00
Face Value₹ 1

4. Milestone Furniture Ltd

Current Price₹ 7.18
Open₹ 6.55
High₹ 7.18
Prev Close₹ 6.84
Turnover₹ 215,400
Market Cap₹ 6.68 Cr.
P/E Ratio0.00
52 High₹ 14.40
52 Low₹ 2.77
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹ 28.23
Face Value₹ 10

5. Minolta Finance Ltd

Current Price₹ 8.82
Open₹ 7.98
High₹ 8.82
Prev Close₹ 8.40
Turnover₹ 7,338.24
Market Cap₹ 8.82 Cr.
P/E Ratio137.81
52 High₹ 10.74
52 Low₹ 3.25
Dividend Yield0.00%
Book Value₹ 10.65
Face Value₹ 10

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