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This share of 23 ₹ has the power to become 10 times, know the name of the share

Hello Guys, welcome to all of you in our another new awesome article, today we are going to talk about a city in the stock market whose share price is only around ₹ 23 at present, let’s know a little detail about the stock. Understand more about the company’s business model fundamentals

Yes, We Talk About Captain Pipes Ltd. it is a well-known company in India that manufactures and exports various types of pipes and fittings, such as UPVC Column Pipes, UPVC Plumbing Pipes and fittings, CPVC Plumbing Pipes and fittings, Casing Pipe, and PVC Pressure Pipes. According to Finlogy Ticker The company has a market capitalization of INR 326.33 Cr. and an enterprise value of INR 330.07 Cr., with 13.95 Cr. shares outstanding.

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The company’s Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio is quite high, at 63.59, which suggests that the market has high expectations for its future earnings growth. Similarly, the Price to Book (P/B) ratio is also high, at 12.17, indicating that the company’s stock is trading at a considerable premium to its book value. The face value of the company’s shares is INR 1, and it has not yet declared any dividends.

However, Captain Pipes Ltd.’s fundamentals look quite good, with a Book Value (TTM) of INR 1.92 and cash reserves of INR 0.02 Cr. The company’s total debt is quite low, at INR 3.76 Cr., indicating a healthy balance sheet. Moreover, the promoter holding is quite high, at 73.82%, which highlights the management’s confidence in the company’s growth prospects.

The company’s Sales Growth is quite remarkable, at 104.46%, reflecting its robust growth trajectory. Captain Pipes Ltd.’s Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) stand at an impressive 44.02% and 43.52%, respectively, indicating efficient utilization of shareholders’ funds and capital employed.

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In conclusion, Captain Pipes Ltd. appears to be a company with a solid business model, robust fundamentals, and impressive growth prospects. However, investors should be cautious when investing in the company’s stock, given its high P/E and P/B ratios, which suggest a considerable premium to its intrinsic value.

It is advisable for investors to conduct their research and seek the advice of a financial expert before making any investment decisions. Nevertheless, Captain Pipes Ltd. is a company that seems to be moving in the right direction and could be a good option for a long-term investment strategy.

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Know about the details of the last 5 years of the company :

DETAILSMAR 2018MAR 2019MAR 2020MAR 2021MAR 2022
Net Sales43.6154.5745.4840.4682.72
Total Expenditure43.0751.8842.9438.0379.97
Operating Profit0.542.692.542.432.75
Profit Before Tax-2.140.390.450.446.01
Net Profit-1.500.280.380.285.13
Adjusted EPS (Rs.)-
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