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This Stock Of 50₹ Make You Millionaire, Know The Stock Name

In the stock market, you must have heard the discussion of such shares, which make their investors millionaires, but by the time those shares reach you, their rate and valuation have become very high. The real money in the share market is earned by the same investor who Know in advance the stocks that can make you rich in the times to come Friends, that is why I have come to you through this article today with information about the stock of a company which can give good returns to its investors in the coming times. At present, the share price is just around ₹ 50. Let us tell you that the name of this company is Vibrant Global Capital Limited

Let’s know about this company in detail :

Vibrant Global Capital Limited is a non-banking financial company operating in India. Despite not accepting deposits, the company promotes and transacts business as financiers, focusing on financing industrial enterprises.

With a market capitalization of ₹112.70 Cr. and a total of 2.29 Cr. shares, the company has a P/E ratio of 18.52 and a P/B ratio of 1.25. The face value of their shares is ₹10, and the dividend yield is 0%.

The company’s book value (TTM) is ₹39.28, and it has a healthy operating revenue of ₹60.98 Cr. with a net profit of ₹46.25 Cr. Additionally, the promoter holding is 71.24%, and the EPS (TTM) is ₹2.66.

Vibrant Global Capital Limited has experienced a significant sales growth of 163.54% and a profit growth of 137.92%. The company has maintained a good ROA of 14.67% and a healthy ROE track record of 21.56%. The ROCE has been maintained at 20.12% over the past three years, indicating good financial health. the company’s strength lies in its consistently improving operating income, which has grown at a 3-year CAGR of 43.02%.

In Last conclusion, Vibrant Global Capital Limited is a promising non-banking financial company with good fundamentals and strong financial health, making it an attractive investment option

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Metric10-Year CAGR5-Year CAGR3-Year CAGRTTM Growth/Return
Compounded Sales Growth8%-5%-4%-11%
Compounded Profit Growth58%121%77%-84%
Return on Equity8%12%26%50%
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