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Buy These Penny Stocks In 2023 Make You Millionaire

Every investor comes to the stock market with the hope that he can find such a penny which is going to be 100 times in the coming time, but usually investors do not even get a glimpse of these shares and when they do, then this share is quite They have gone up, that is why the common investor is able to earn very little money from the stock market and there are few investors, then they earn a lot of money from the stock market. The common investor will also be aware that this stock will give strong returns to its investors in the coming times.

can give so it’s going to be of great benefit to them Realizing this, we have brought such stocks for you, which can give strong returns to their investors in the coming times. At present, their share price is low and they seem to be doing very well in their sector, so let’s know. What is the name of the stock and its business model.

Yes friends we are going to talk about, Arihant Capital Markets Ltd. is a company that operates in the Investment Solutions, Corporate Solutions, HNI Investment Services, and NRI Services sectors. They serve clients in over 200 cities through 900+ Arihant investment centers across India.

The company’s market capitalization is ₹363.35 Cr. with zero advances and 10.41 Cr. shares. Its P/E ratio is 8.54 and its P/B ratio is 1.56, with a face value of ₹1 and a dividend yield of 0.09%. The book value (TTM) is ₹22.32.

Arihant Capital Markets Ltd.’s operating revenue is ₹152.38 Cr. with a net profit of ₹54.07 Cr. The promoter holding is 74.12%, and the EPS (TTM) is ₹4.09. The sales growth rate is 39.31%, and the company’s ROE is 29.65% with a ROCE of 30.37%. The profit growth rate is 55.58%.

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Here In This Table We Watch About Share Holding Pattern

Mar ’2074.06%0.00%25.94%
Jun ’2074.06%0.00%25.94%
Sep ’2074.24%0.00%25.76%
Dec ’2074.57%0.00%25.43%
Mar ’2174.57%0.00%25.43%
Jun ’2174.57%0.00%25.43%
Sep ’2174.57%0.05%25.38%
Dec ’2174.57%0.32%25.10%
Mar ’2274.57%0.33%25.09%
Jun ’2274.57%0.38%25.05%
Sep ’2274.12%0.53%25.34%
Dec ’2274.12%0.38%25.51%
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