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There are some companies in the stock market which are slowly giving strong returns to their investors, but they are not discussed in the market at all, people are quietly investing in these companies and are extracting strong returns. We have come forward with such a company which is also debt free, whose business is going to grow rapidly in the coming times. Even in recent times, there has been a lot of growth in its business and the fundamentals of this company are looking very good, so let’s know what is the name of this company and how much this stock can give a strong return on its investment. complete information

Let’s know about the company and understand the financials of the company

Marksans Pharma Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company that operates in the Pharmaceuticals & Drugs sector. The company has a market capitalization of ₹3,224.26 Cr. and an enterprise value of ₹3,005.21 Cr. The company has 45.32 Cr. shares and a face value of ₹1.

Marksans Pharma’s business strategy is based on leveraging its core competencies to satisfy increasing demand from clients and becoming a preferred business partner. The company has a strong track record of revenue and profit growth, with a sales growth of 9.80% and a profit growth of 5.70% in the past year.

One of the company’s strengths is its healthy financial position. Marksans Pharma is virtually debt-free, with a debt of only ₹5 Cr. The company also has a healthy interest coverage ratio of 36.44, indicating that it can easily cover its interest expenses. Additionally, Marksans Pharma has a current ratio of 3.22, indicating a healthy liquidity position.

  • Another strength of the company is its strong revenue and profit growth in the past three years. The company has shown a revenue growth of 15.78% and a profit growth of 33.59% during this period, which is a significant achievement in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry.
  • Marksans Pharma’s financial ratios are also impressive. The company has a P/E ratio of 30.28 and a P/B ratio of 2.7. Its EPS (TTM) is ₹2.35 and its book value (TTM) is ₹26.35. The company’s dividend yield is 0.35%, indicating that it pays out a small portion of its profits as dividends.
  • The company’s promoter holding is 49%, which is a positive sign as it shows that the promoters have a significant stake in the company and are invested in its success. Marksans Pharma’s return on equity (ROE) is 16.11% and its return on capital employed (ROCE) is 19.91%, indicating that the company is efficiently utilizing its capital to generate profits.

It is a request to all of you, if you invest in the stock market, then it should be kept in mind that if you do not understand the business of a company and you do not understand the business of a company, then on the plan to invest in the business which you understand. If you invest, you may also face loss and you want to understand the business of the company, then in the coming time, we are going to bring the business model of all the companies on our website, so stay connected with our website and our WhatsApp You can also join the group

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