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5 Best Penny Stocks Become Multibagger in Next 6 Month’s

Hello friends, after doing a lot of research, today we have come up with five such stocks which can give you strong returns in the coming 6 months, so today we are going to cover the fundamentals of these five stocks through this article. We will also understand their business model But before that, let us tell you that you have come to our website for the first time, then you can follow it, here we keep providing news of every update related to the stock market, to join our website, you can also join our WhatsApp group. Or you can also follow our Telegram and Google News

But let us tell you that before investing in penny stock, you must keep these things in mind, otherwise you may have to face loss. First of all, you have to properly examine the fundamentals of that stock, if the company is doing good business and in which direction. It is doing in the sector, what kind of demand is going to be there in that sector, check all these things properly, this will reduce your risk ratio slightly and you will get a little chance of profit, so let’s know about these 5 stocks in detail.

1. Sterling Guaranty and Finence

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)10
Dividend Yield
20D Avg Volume1,627
20D Avg Delivery(%)
Sector PE35.92
Book Value Per Share-1.52

2. Prime Industries

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)24
Dividend Yield
20D Avg Volume21,484
20D Avg Delivery(%)
Sector PE39.32
Book Value Per Share13.28

3. Artemis Electricals Ltd

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)369
Dividend Yield
20D Avg Volume0
20D Avg Delivery(%)
Sector PE47.32
Book Value Per Share2.77

4. JMD Ventures Ltd

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)56
Dividend Yield
20D Avg Volume158,352
20D Avg Delivery(%)
Sector PE17.63
Book Value Per Share11.24

5. Alfa Transformers

Mkt Cap (Rs. Cr.)18
Dividend Yield
20D Avg Volume36,655
20D Avg Delivery(%)
Sector PE39.77
Book Value Per Share-0.26

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It is a request to all of you, if you invest in the stock market, then it should be kept in mind that if you do not understand the business of a company and you do not understand the business of a company, then on the plan to invest in the business which you understand. If you invest, you may also face loss and you want to understand the business of the company, then in the coming time, we are going to bring the business model of all the companies on our website, so stay connected with our website and our WhatsApp You can also join the group

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