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Best Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 10 In 2023

Investors are constantly searching for potential Best Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 10 In 2023 that can deliver substantial returns. In recent news, Seacoast Shipping Services Limited, a top gainer on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), has attracted the attention of investors. The company’s shares witnessed a 10% surge, reaching Rs 5.08 per share from its previous closing price of Rs 4.62. This article explores the recent developments surrounding Seacoast Shipping Services Limited, specifically the announcement of a rights issue by the company’s board.

Seacoast Shipping Services Limited specializes in providing single-window logistics services to exporters and importers. With a market capitalization of Rs 171.03 crore and a remarkable three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57%, the company has demonstrated significant growth in recent years. Seacoast Shipping Services Limited boasts a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 8.63x, a return on equity (ROE) of 37%, and a return on capital employed (ROCE) of 39%.

The primary agenda of the upcoming board meeting is to discuss raising funds through the issuance of equity shares on a rights basis. This rights issue will be exclusively offered to the existing equity shareholders of Seacoast Shipping Services Limited. The company aims to raise up to Rs 49 crore through this rights issue. The issuance will be conducted in compliance with applicable laws, including the SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2018.

In addition to the rights issue, the Board of Directors will also discuss and seek approval for any other necessary transactions. This provision grants flexibility to the board in pursuing other strategic initiatives that could benefit the company and its shareholders.

Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has established itself as a reputable single-window logistics provider. The company offers a comprehensive range of services that facilitate smooth and efficient transportation of goods for both exporters and importers. By providing end-to-end logistics solutions, Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has earned the trust of its clients and emerged as a reliable player in the industry.

Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has showcased impressive financial performance in recent periods. In the fourth quarter of FY23, the company experienced a staggering 448.64% increase in net sales, amounting to Rs 115.50 crore, compared to the corresponding period in the previous year (Q4FY22). Furthermore, the company achieved a net profit of Rs 2.77 crore in Q4FY23, as opposed to a net loss of Rs 2.30 crore in Q4FY22. The financials for the entire fiscal year 2023 reveal a net sales increase of 236.12% and a net profit surge of 458.94% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has demonstrated remarkable growth in its stock price, positioning itself as an attractive opportunity for investors. Over the past month alone, the stock has surged by 60%, indicating significant momentum. Moreover, over a three-year period, the stock has witnessed an impressive growth rate of over 280%. These figures underscore the potential of Seacoast Shipping Services Limited as a multibagger penny stock that could generate substantial returns for investors.


The recent announcement of a rights issue by Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has captured the attention of investors. The company’s strong financial performance, coupled with its impressive stock price growth, makes it an exciting opportunity in the market. With a focus on providing single-window logistics services and a history of robust growth, Seacoast Shipping Services Limited has garnered significant interest from investors. It is advisable for investors to closely monitor this micro-cap stock for potential investment opportunities.

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