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Best Multibagger Penny Stock Under Rs 15 In 2023

Are you searching for an investment opportunity that holds the key to tremendous growth potential and enticing returns? Your search ends here! In this exclusive piece, we are delighted to present to you an undiscovered treasure that has captured the interest of discerning investors aiming for substantial gains. Get ready to embark on a thrilling voyage as we unveil the ultimate multibagger penny stock under Rs 15 in 2023.

Accuracy Shipping Limited is a logistics company that provides comprehensive services to cater to various transportation requirements. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the surge in Accuracy Shipping Limited’s stock price and explore the quarterly and annual results for the fiscal year 2022-2023, shedding light on the company’s performance during this period. Additionally, we’ll discuss Accuracy Shipping Limited’s business operations, growth strategy, and the range of services it offers to its clients. Furthermore, we’ll highlight the company’s strong presence both in India and internationally. Lastly, we’ll examine the financial performance of Accuracy Shipping Limited, including its return on equity (ROE) and return on capital employed (ROCE).

Accuracy Shipping Limited (NSE: ACCURACY), a logistics company, has recently witnessed an impressive surge in its shares. On Thursday, the company’s stock on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) emerged as one of the top gainers, experiencing a remarkable surge of 19.13%. This surge led the shares of Accuracy Shipping Limited to reach an intraday high of Rs 13.70 per share, surpassing its previous closing price of Rs 11.50. The company’s stock has demonstrated substantial volatility, with a 52-week high of Rs 27.50 and a 52-week low of Rs 10.25 per share.

Quarterly Results and Annual Results for FY23

During the fourth quarter of FY23, Accuracy Shipping Limited reported net sales of Rs 177.55 crore, as compared to net sales of Rs 255.01 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year (Q4FY22). This signifies a decrease in net sales. However, the company’s net profit for Q4FY23 stood at Rs 5.71 crore, showcasing a significant improvement from the net loss of Rs 4.50 crore reported in Q4FY22. Moving on to the annual results, Accuracy Shipping Limited experienced a 6.50% increase in net sales, amounting to Rs 877.34 crore in FY23, compared to net sales of Rs 824.10 crore in FY22. Furthermore, the company’s net profit for FY23 amounted to Rs 8.22 crore, displaying a decrease from the net profit of Rs 18.10 crore in FY22.

Strong Presence in India and Worldwide

Accuracy Shipping Limited has established a robust presence in India, with 14 offices strategically located across the country. This extensive network enables the company to cater to the diverse logistical requirements of its clients. Additionally, Accuracy Shipping Limited has entered into more than 60 agency agreements worldwide, facilitating its operations and serving the logistical needs of cross-border transactions. Through its global presence, the company is well-positioned to provide seamless logistics solutions to clients across different geographies.

Financial Performance: ROE and ROCE

Accuracy Shipping Limited has demonstrated commendable financial performance, as reflected in its return on equity (ROE) and return on capital employed (ROCE). The company boasts an ROE of 21%, indicating its ability to generate favorable returns for its shareholders. Furthermore, Accuracy Shipping Limited maintains a robust ROCE of 23%, signifying efficient utilization of capital and profitability.

Stock Performance and Returns

Investors have witnessed remarkable returns from Accuracy Shipping Limited’s stock in recent years. The stock has delivered multibagger returns, with prices soaring from Rs 2.40 per share to Rs 13.70 per share in just three years. This astounding increase represents a remarkable return of 471%. Given the stock’s strong performance, it is worth keeping a close eye on this micro-cap stock as it demonstrates the potential for substantial growth and attractive returns.


Accuracy Shipping Limited has showcased a stellar performance, as evidenced by its recent surge in share prices. The company’s quarterly and annual results for FY23 highlight its resilience and ability to adapt to market conditions. With its growth strategy, comprehensive services, and extensive presence in India and worldwide, Accuracy Shipping Limited is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the logistics industry. Investors seeking multibagger returns should closely monitor this micro-cap stock as it holds promising prospects for future growth.

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