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2 Best Penny Stocks To Buy In India April 2023

Hello friends, today we are going to talk through this article about five penny stocks that you can plan to buy in the year 2023 and these penny stocks can also give you strong returns in the coming years. names and about

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1. Infibeam Avenues

Infibeam Avenues is a leading player in the software development services and e-commerce industry. The company has made significant progress in reducing its debt and is currently almost debt-free. This is a great sign for investors, as a company with lower debt is generally seen as more financially stable Another positive development for Infibeam Avenues is the improvement in debtor days from 31.0 to 22.8 days. This means that the company is collecting payments more efficiently, which is indicative of strong cash flow management. It is worth noting that efficient cash flow management is essential for any company’s long-term success

Market Capitalization₹ 3,789 Cr.
Current Price₹ 14.2
52-Week High/Low₹ 20.8 / ₹ 12.5
Stock P/E Ratio30.1
Book Value₹ 11.3
Dividend Yield0.18%
Face Value₹ 1.00
Profit After Tax₹ 126 Cr.
ROE 3-Year2.99%
Debt to Equity Ratio0.00
Promoter Holding30.6%
Debt₹ 0.00 Cr.
Profit Growth44.9%
Industry P/E Ratio30.0
Return over 3 years16.4%
Profit Variation over 3 years-1.27%

2. Suzlon Energy Ltd

Suzlon Energy, a leading player in the wind energy sector, has been making some promising progress recently. One of the major highlights is the company’s successful reduction of debt, which has been a longstanding concern for the organization. This has been accomplished through a series of strategic initiatives, including divestment of non-core assets, and restructuring of loans. With a leaner balance sheet, Suzlon Energy is now in a better position to drive growth and profitability

Suzlon Energy’s debtor days have also shown improvement, decreasing from 125 to 76.4 days. This is a positive indicator of the company’s strong financial management practices and effective collections process. It also highlights the trust that Suzlon Energy has built with its customers and partners

Friends talked about the share of Suzlon Energy, then in the coming time, this share can give a strong return to its investment, because the demand for renewable renewable energy is going to increase very fast in the future, in that this company is going to get a lot of profit, the government will also focusing heavily on the sector

Market Cap₹ 7,958 Cr.
Current Price₹ 7.90
High / Low₹ 12.2 / 5.42
Book Value₹ -0.06
Dividend Yield0.00%
Face Value₹ 2.00
Mar Cap₹ 7,958 Cr.
Profit after tax₹ -62.5 Cr.
Dividend yield0.00%
Promoter holding14.5%
Debt₹ 3,201 Cr.
Profit growth39.8%
Industry PE34.0
Return over 3years62.5%

It is a request to all of you, if you invest in the stock market, then it should be kept in mind that if you do not understand the business of a company and you do not understand the business of a company, then on the plan to invest in the business which you understand. If you invest, you may also face loss and you want to understand the business of the company, then in the coming time, we are going to bring the business model of all the companies on our website, so stay connected with our website and our WhatsApp You can also join the group

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